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Meet Sarah. She is a fundraiser organising a Charity Auction to help raise funds for a cause very close to her heart. She asked the charity to provide her with some materials to help her promote her fundraising event. This is Sarah’s fundraising story.

Helping Fundraising Teams to Support their Supporters

RightMarket ensures both charity Marketing and Fundraising teams have the tools available to help supporters maximise their fundraising efforts. With RightMarket anyone can quickly make on-brand, marketing-approved materials for Social Media, Web or Print.

Fundraising officers no longer need to run every design through marketing. Instead, marketing approve a series of designs for fundraising use. This cuts the time taken for brief, design, amends and approval. As a result, fundraising materials can be put to use quicker.

Free up your Charity's Marketing Team

RightMarket frees up your Charity’ Marketing team to be able to focus on new projects and campaigns. Empower other staff members to create their own materials in minutes while still retaining control.

RightMarket has been designed with ease-of-use at its core. On average new users create their first design in under 10 minutes.

RightMarket for your volunteers

RightMarket can also be public-facing and available to volunteers. Empowering them to create their own materials, growing their brand engagement and awareness.

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