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Canva is a great graphic design tool. But do you need an alternative to master your branding?

If you’re reading this, the chances are your business uses Canva to create its branded assets. Although it makes design easy, it doesn’t always mean the designs created are on-brand. We examine whether you need an alternative to really bring your brand to life.

Canva has become hugely popular in recent years, with people using it to easily create everything from social media graphics and digital ads to leaflets and presentations. As such, many people fall into the trap of believing you only need a Canva account to deliver a strong brand.

However, branding is much more than visual design. Once you have a vision, everyone must embody it consistently. It requires governance to keep everything in line.

This is an area where Canva lacks. Below, we explore why Canva might not be the saving grace you think – and why you need a tool that truly manages your brand.

canva vs rightmarket
In a nutshell, this chart shows the features and differences between RightMarket and Canva.

Does Canva deliver brand consistency?

You’ve probably spent a lot time and money in developing your brand guidelines, and of course you want them to be followed in every design. If they aren’t, you risk inconsistencies that undermine your trustworthiness and creating confusing customer experiences.

In Canva Pro, you can pre-set your brand’s fonts, colours and logos, but there’s plenty of room for error beyond this. What happens if your logo is the wrong size or not in the right place? What if those carefully chosen colours are used in the wrong combination? Canva does not prevent these common brand issues.

RightMarket builds all templates so they represent your brand in exactly the right way. We ensure every element is applied correctly and locked into a good looking, effective template. It means anyone can create visually appealing, on-brand designs.

It protects your brand while allowing your whole team to act as brand advocates.

Who will be producing designs?

If you have a small team who work closely together and have the time to police designs, then Canva may be just the fit for you. 

However, if you are a larger organisation with teams across several sites who all need marketing materials, Canva isn’t always enough to maintain brand consistency. You need a brand management tool that leaves no room for people to move outside your set guidelines. 

With RightMarket, there is no limit to the number of users. Everyone can have access to the system and you don’t need to worry about juggling user-licenses around your team. We create templates covering the various needs your business has, meaning your marketing team doesn’t have to deal with every design request.

What’s more, if individual teams need to use local branding, we will incorporate this into the templates as well. 

What design skills do the users have?

Anyone can easily create professional designs in Canva by choosing from the huge range of pre-made templates. However, as these are generic, non-branded templates, a lot people design from scratch. 

Some confidence in design creation helps to get you started, and just like with any other software it takes time to become proficient. However, if you have users who are new to design, it’s unrealistic to expect them to make high-quality designs. Even if they do, there’s no guarantees they will be on-brand.

With RightMarket, everyone can create. There’s no pressure on design experience. Our simple, user-friendly interface leads you all the way, meaning anyone can become a designer.

Do you struggle with production bottlenecks from day-to-day design requests?

One key benefit of RightMarket is the speed at which marketing needs can be met. There is no need to submit designs requests or wait your turn to get those small but nevertheless important jobs produced. 

Users simply select the right template themselves, add their required content and images. After that, the job is done. The set template also makes it easier for users than a tool like Canva. 

This leaves the design and marketing teams team free to concentrate on more strategic initiatives where they add real value. 

How worried are you about accuracy and compliance?

With a tool like Canva, users can immediately download their image and start using it. If they need approval, this will be done manually and may be forgotten. It makes it hard to govern your branded materials.

If you prefer to get things to be signed off before they go live, RightMarket has you covered. You can set up approval workflows based on specific templates or individual users to keep tabs on things. 

Interestingly though, with our Tone of Voice Assistant, customers now find they can do away with approvals altogether. With this, you will ensure all user content stays on message by offering on-brand prompts (including spelling the company name correctly!), or even blocking prohibited words and phrases.

Trying to reduce costs?

In today’s climate, reducing costs is a primary concern for many companies. Producing design work takes time and money. Setting up and using new systems can be costly too. 

While the free version of Canva may seem like a tempting and low-cost solution, it offers little in the way of brand management. You won’t be spending anything but you also won’t be receiving any rewards. 

RightMarket offers a service called Project Discovery where together we help identify existing production costs and what can realistically be achieved. It’s a great way to uncover the return-on-investment you will receive using the tool while protecting your brand.

We find customers are usually pleasantly surprised at the savings. 

And finally

We know implementing a new tool into your business is a challenge, especially if it means bringing your colleagues on board. That’s why we support you through the sales process and beyond to ensure you get the most from RightMarket.

Our Customer Success Team work with you to ensure the platform is set up to fulfil your needs, with all the templates your teams need to create. We guide and encourage users and look for ways to maximise the benefits. And if things go awry – they sometimes do – there is real in-person support when you need it.

If you would like to know more about how we can help your teams and find out if we are the right fit for you, contact us for a call.  

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