Canva is a great graphic design tool. But does it deliver for your brand?

At RightMarket we have lots of conversations with people who are in the business of producing marketing materials. One question that often arises is if you don’t have the time or resources to use a designer, how practical is it for your team to use Canva? Would a bespoke template system such as our Online Brand Centre be more effective?

Well, a lot depends on your organisation and what you hope to achieve. 

canva vs rightmarket
In a nutshell, this chart shows the features and differences between RightMarket’s Online Brand Centre and Canva.

Is brand consistency important?

You’ve probably spent a lot time and money in developing your brand guidelines, and of course you want them to be followed in every design. In Canva Pro you can pre-set your brand’s fonts, colours and logos, but there are still design and brand decisions to be made. What happens if your logo is the wrong size or not in the right place? What if those carefully chosen colours are used in the wrong combination?

With RightMarket all templates are built from the brand upwards. That’s what we do. We ensure every element is applied correctly and locked into a good looking, effective template.

We protect your brand whilst users can concentrate on providing the content.

Who will be producing designs?

If you have a small team who work closely together and regularly produce designs, then Canva may be just the job for you. If you are a larger organisation with teams across several sites who all need marketing materials, we believe RightMarket is more suitable. There is no limit to the number of users. Everyone can have access to the system and you don’t need to worry about juggling user-licenses around your team. 
What’s more, if individual teams have need to use local branding, we can incorporate this into the templates as well. 

What design skills do the users have?

Anyone can easily create professional looking designs in Canva by choosing from the huge range of pre-made templates. However, as these are generic, non-branded templates, a lot people opt to design something from scratch. Some confidence in design creation helps to get you started, and just like with any other software it takes time to become proficient.  And who is to say output from non-designers is going to look good? 
With RightMarket, everyone can get up and running without worrying about what design experience they have. Our simple, user-friendly interface leads you all the way. All you need to do is add the content. 

Are production bottlenecks from day-to-day design requests familiar?

One key benefit of RM is the speed at which marketing needs can be met. There is no need to submit designs requests or wait your turn to get those small but nevertheless important jobs produced. Users simply select the right template themselves, add their required content and images and the job’s done. This leaves the design and marketing teams team is free concentrate on more strategic initiatives where they add real value. 

How worried are you about accuracy and compliance?

If you prefer to get things to be signed off before they go live, we’ve got that covered. You can set up approval workflows based on specific templates or individual users to keep tabs on things. 

Interestingly though, with our Tone of Voice Assistant, customers now find they can do away with approvals altogether. With this, you can ensure all user content stays on message by offering on-brand prompts, or even blocking prohibited words and phrases. 

Trying to reduce costs?

Of course you are. Producing design work takes time and money. Setting up and using new systems can be costly too. So where are the savings? RightMarket offers a service called Project Discovery where together we help identify existing production costs and what can realistically be achieved with our Online Brand Centre. We find customers are usually pleasantly surprised at the savings. 

And finally

Our Customer Success Team work with you to ensure everyone gets the best out of the system from onboarding. We guide and encourage users and look for ways to maximise the benefits. And if things go awry – they sometimes do – there is real in-person support.  

If you would like to know more about how we can help your teams and find out if we are the right fit for you, contact us for a call.  


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