Artworking is a FREE service that we are providing during the COVID-19 pandemic to our customers.

We want to be providing as much support as we can in this difficult period. All artwork produced in March 2020 - March 2021 will be free of charge.

How we are supporting our organisations

This is a difficult period for all. We believe that it is essential that we work together to overcome the challenges. That is why we are offering some additional services that we think will help the most for free whilst we tackle COVID-19. Your Online Design Centre has a big part to play in supporting communication: From retail closure posters to social media campaigns. We hope the additional services we are offering below will help you to support those needing communication materials at this time.


Free Artworking Service

We are offering our Artworking service to all our customers.

This will free up your resource to focus on other matters and guarantees the RightMarket project will continue unaffected. Priorities have changed and charity marketing resources are spread thinly. We do not want this to become a barrier to full utilisation of your organisation’s Online Design Centre.

Our team will produce new artwork and templates for your system based on your existing visual identity. This ensures they remain consistent and reflect your brand.

For more information please visit the artworking section of our site linked below.

Covid-19 mask illustration

Free COVID-19 Templates

Your Online Design Centre is a great solution to free-up your team’s resource. During this difficult period we want to make it simple and easy. All COVID-19 related templates or materials will be free of charge. Below are some of the materials that charities have been creating using RightMarket in response to COVID-19:

Social media posts

Recruitment material

Intranet banners

Informational posters

Internal COVID-19 reports

We are currently working with charities to produce poster and social media templates.  They will be ready to go straight onto your Online Design Centre with your brand colours and logo. Examples of these are available to view on the Ideas Hub. You can reach us at the Service Desk to discuss your template needs.


Ideas Hub

The Ideas Hub is our new collaboration resource that gives you the opportunity to see what other charities are creating for their Online Design Centre. 

This will be an ever growing resource as more charities share their templates. It works in much the same way as your own Online Design Centre, you just need to register to gain access.

In light of recent events, we have a section dedicated to COVID-19 templates so you can see how other charities are utilising RightMarket to free up resource. The link below will take you straight there!


Web Conferencing

The RightMarket team is now working remotely. To help minimise disruption to improving and developing your Online Design Centre we are ensuring we are available for video conferencing.

This means that we can continue to share content with you and communicate despite the challenges. For new templates and amends you can reach our Services team from the Service Desk as normal. The button below will direct you there.

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