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Get early access to our new Design Service

We were amazed at the initial response to our Design Service. Due to high demand we have decided to extend the offering whilst we continue to understand the value that we are offering charities at this time. 


We design the templates

It’s simple. You propose what you need, and we design the template to suit. Our experience means you will have versatile, well-designed templates for your Online Design Centre. 

It’s free to use

The design service is an early access free trial. That means that the service is completely free to use until March.

We save you time

None of your designers’ time is needed. They can focus on other projects. Just know what you want, and we do the rest.

How does it work?

You decide what template you need.
We design a template that fits your brand guidelines.
We review any functionality and design amends with you.
We build the template for your Online Design Centre.


Who’s it for?

The design service is for any new or existing customer with our Online Design Centre. We only design templates intended for the Online Design Centre. 

How Charities are benefitting from this service:

Fundraising Story
“The time saving for us has been phenomenal. Finding the resource to produce new designs is difficult in these times. RightMarket captured our visual identity perfectly and the designs are now the among most used on Mencap’s Online Design Centre. We couldn’t have asked for more.”
Sophie Spiteri, Marketing Manager
“I was amazed at how quick & easy RightMarket’s Design Service was to use. It has saved our departments so much time and resource, during a period when capacity is even more scarce and there is even more pressure on turnaround times for publicity materials.”
Amy Flavin, Senior Events Executive
Hospice UK
RightMarket’s Design Service allowed us to create quick and meaningful promotional materials that brought attention to our cause but also offered support materials to our users. With little direction, they were able to produce designs that will be used to support future campaigns. They were efficient and very patient, expertly supporting us through the process which was much appreciated in the current climate.
Saffron Barham, Communications Manager
Huntington's Disease Association

Contact us

If you are interested in participating in the free trial, fill out the form below and we will be in touch! 

Charity Design Service


RightMarket’s Design Service is a free, no-obligation trial that we are offering from August to October 2020. 

We will advise you on best practice and include the most successful features within our design proposal. 

If you aren’t able to supply some of the resources we need to start Artworking your templates but remain interested, then talk to us. We are happy find alternative solutions.

If you don’t have everything just speak to us. We are happy to find alternative solutions. 

Any template that is in our pricing plan. If you are looking for something different, we are always keen to innovate. 

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