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With our design platform, all your designs are automatically on-brand and compliant with charity laws and regulations. Whether you need posters, signage or social media graphics, your staff, fundraisers and volunteers can create anything individually, without fear of breaking the rules.

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How it works

In our design platform, you have access to a series of locked templates matching your brand colours, fonts and layout. All you need to do is replace the content. The system also includes your business information – like your charity number. So nothing can be forgotten about or deleted by accident.

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Our clients love having the ability to create full campaigns with just a few clicks. Select the event you need graphics for, replace the copy and voilà! All you need for print and digital is ready in one go.

Examples of posters and social media posts created as part of the campaigns feature.
Opening hours poster and call for donations flyer

Dynamic content

With hundreds of shops to manage, it's hard to maintain brand consistency and legal compliance across all of them. Fear not, we have the solution. Your team can select which branch they represent in our design platform, and see all the necessary content automatically populated for them.

Social media integration

Sometimes, all you really need is to save time and move on to the next task. With RightMarket, you can create your social media graphics and post them directly from our design platform.

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with charity laws and regulations


to keep your marketing team happy


via your dedicated reporting dashboard

Our pricing

Our plans start from £395 per month. Whatever your size, levels of resource and budget, we'll work with you to find a pricing plan that suits your business.

The cost largely depends on your project discovery phase, where we work with you to identify the level of service you need from us.

We will then be able to recommend the package with the best value for your business.

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From £395 per month

From £795 per month

From £1295 per month

From £1995 per month

Basic success programme

Advanced success programme

Advanced success programme

Advanced success programme

Basic template & amend scheduling

Basic template & amend scheduling

Advanced template & amend scheduling

Advanced template & amend scheduling

6 templates

15 templates

30 templates

40 templates

20 designs per month

250 designs per month

500 designs per month

1500 designs per month

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