RightMarket 'Next-Gen’

It’s an exciting new release of the RightMarket platform thats worth shouting about!


James Harding
Product Manager

For those who don’t know me, I’m James Harding, and I’m the Product Manager here at RightMarket. Currently, I’m working on an exciting project: we’re calling ‘RightMarket Next-Gen’. It’s an exciting new release of the RightMarket platform.

I wanted to share with you some of the benefits that will come with ‘Next-Gen’. It’s not quite ready yet, but we wanted to let you know what we have been working on. It’s been in the works for several months now, and we want you to know what you can expect in the not too distant future.

RightMarket will soon be rolling out the next generation of our platform. Our Research & Development Team has been heavily influenced by the changing world. They have taken into account the many new challenges you are facing as well as the feedback received.

Support for remote workers

Is there such a thing as a central team anymore? In the new version, we will be providing you with an exciting new interface that delivers a much-improved user experience. We have taken advantage of the latest developments in mobile and tablet technology. This allows users to create publicity and artwork materials no matter where they are.

Compliance and data protection

Many of you have told us that compliance and data protection continue to keep you up at night; once again, we listened. New improvements mean that designs created on the platform will always be compliant. You can now address GDPR issues such as the ‘right to be forgotten’ with ease. RightMarket facilitates the creation of up-to-the-minute Health & Safety materials. You will always be reflecting local and national Government directives.

Publicity and Artwork relevant to these changing times

You may have seen artwork creation for fundraising dip on your Online Design Centre since the start of the pandemic. It’s exciting to see green shoots emerge, and usage return across our customer base. Social distancing has introduced new challenges for supporters who want to raise funds for their charities of choice. Our goal is to make it effortless for supporters to create publicity and health and safety materials. when they want it as they want it. We will also be supporting new and emerging areas of usage. This includes:

Reporting and approvals

You have made it very clear that the need to maintain and improve your brand presence has never been so significant! How the public recognises a charities brand affects everything and everyone. The more recognisable the brand, the easier it is to build the supporter and volunteer base, raise funds, and improve services. We agree: It’s our mission! This is not a time for your brand to fall out of the public eye as we all know this could have severe consequences! As a result, we have improved reporting and notifications. This will help you understand how your brand is performing and where to make improvements.

Supply Chain Manager

We were surprised to learn that many of you have had to change print providers. In some instances numerous times. Sadly, the printing industry has been heavily affected by changes in technology. COVID-19 has compounded things resulting in many going out of business. You have informed us this has been very disruptive. It has resulted in a considerable loss of time. In some extreme cases, events and meetings either didn’t go ahead or continued without marketing materials. We will be raising the bar, as costs in this area often go unrecognised.

We have added functionality that allows you to link to many printers and suppliers. This multi-purpose functionality will enable you to create flexible workflows to suit your needs. For example, you may be able to save on costs by negotiating a better deal with supplier A for poster printing and supplier B for business cards. RightMarket allows you to manage this with ease. Because we provide an e-commerce service, the platform handles all communications when placing an order. It will help drive efficiency and further cost saving throughout your organisation.

Full-Service SaaS

RightMarket is a full-service Software as a Service platform. Our dedicated team deliver all the services we offer. Our mission is to provide you with all the support you need to gain the full value from RightMarket.

Many of you told us that your charity needed to furlough marketing and design colleagues. It means you did not have the resource to design materials in the current environment. Therefore, as part of our COVID-19 support package, we offered all customers our free of charge design service. (Note: The offer now extends to October 31st 2020).

Due to the overwhelming response, we are delighted to announce it will be a core service in our upcoming premier pricing plan.

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