Dramatically reduce your costs

Optimise team time

RightMarket fulfils low-impact design requests for your team meaning more focus on high-impact projects important to your charity.

Minimise outsourcing

Design previously outsourced due to capacity can now be designed by your staff, supporters, and volunteers within your Online Design Centre.

Reinvest savings elsewhere

The money saved from an Online Design Centre can be reinvested in other projects and resources.

Reduce Charity Costs

How can you minimise design costs?

Marketing teams are finding that they are under-resourced and struggling to handle the number of design requests being created. Traditional instinct is to outsource design work or to focus on high priority requests. As a consequence, the likelihood is that low priority requests will arrive late, or not at all. The knock-on effect of working this way is that designs have a large cost associated with them. This reduces the number that is feasible and affordable to produce.

With budgets across charities tightening, it is more important than ever to find cost efficiencies to meet financial targets whilst accomplishing the same level of output. Taking the design of requests in-house is often not a realistic option for teams with a heavy workload.

The cost-effective way of resolving this is to provide staff, supporters, and volunteers with a way to create their own design. A DIY approach damages brand visibility and marketing have no oversight of the work produced. Therefore, designs must still reflect the charities personality, visual identity, and tone of voice.

With an Online Design Centre, charities can approve the available designs. It minimises DIY and the impact on the design team’s resource. As a result, this guarantees the designs are on-brand and reduces the need to outsource the job.

How we calculate your cost savings

Charity Project Discovery
When we partner with a charity, it’s important we both understand the impact we will have. We call this process Project Discovery.
It’s a tried & tested insight into time and cost savings for your charity.

How it works

We work with you to understand:

  • The type and number of designs you create per month.
  • The design time including brief, design, and amends.

Using that information we work out the same time taken with RightMarket.

This is a great indication of your charity’s potential savings. It’s a simple, digestible way to help you make an informed decision.

Hear how project discovery helped Parkinson's UK

Parkinson's UK saved £68,120 in a year using RightMarket and freed up over 420 days of resource

See what else RightMarket can do for you

Boost Charity Marketing Resource

Boost your marketing resource by 60-80%

RightMarket increases artwork output potential.

Increase your brand control

RightMarket facilitates greater brand recognition and control.
“We were spending too much time on fairly mundane design tasks, frequently getting pushback and queries on creative decisions. It wasn’t a good use of anyone’s time. We were looking for something that would standardise our designs, bring consistency and free up designers.”
Tony Hunt
Creative Manager, The Children’s Trust

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