We take care of things Marketing shouldn’t have to, whilst keeping you in control. We believe in constant iteration, and thanks to your feedback and support, our new product version is ready to be launched. Welcome to RightMarket 2.0 - a faster, more intuitive product with a brand-new design that makes navigation quick and simple!

We can’t wait for you to get your hands on your upgrade. We’ll be in touch when your Design Centre is due to be upgraded. And, of course, we will be providing you with everything you need to know to prepare and make the best use of the new features.

What's new?

Our latest and greatest feature. It’s important everyone in the organisation is following the organisation Tone of Voice. Our templates now advise users when they use a word you’d like to avoid and offers preferred alternatives to use instead. It’s a helpful guide and trainer for users.

Creating designs is now simpler than ever. Design elements are grouped into categories so users can find what they need to change faster. Templates include useful tips to guide users on brand and ensure compliance with laws and regulations.

Your Design Centre now includes a new homepage that provides users with all the resources they need to get started. It includes a Knowledge Base with helpful articles, and an FAQ to provide quick answers.

More features

Social Media Integration

Designs can be posted straight to Facebook or Twitter from your Design Centre. They can also be customised to include a clickable link to a website or donation page.

Campaign Kit

Create multiple designs with just a few clicks. All you need for print and digital is ready in one go.

DAM Integration

Your design platform can now integrate with your Chorus or ResourceSpace image library.


Templates guide users to ensure they are creating designs compliant with all laws and regulations. Users are advised when to use ‘In Aid Of’ logos. Downloading a design is prevented until users confirm they have consent to use their uploaded image.

One-step creation

Creating a design can now all be done from one page. No additional steps and pages required for saving and downloading.

Text Editor

Text can offer more flexibility. Users can choose to bold, italicise and underline their text.

Date Picker

Users can now select a date from the calendar, and it appears in the organisation standard format.

New and improved interface

The product has a more intuitive design, with the ability to search templates, improved accessibility and more!


Our product has been updated to utilise the latest web technologies to improve the user experience.

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