Each implementation of RightMarket is special.  We work hand in hand with you and your team. 

At the end of the implementation process you’ll have the system you have always wanted, customised specifically for your teams, your designs and the way you work.

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Step 1: Introduction to RightMarket

You’re at the first step right now! By visiting the RightMarket website and learning about how we can help, you’ve already begun the process of powering up your teams, freeing up your resources and making your fundraising fly. By watching the video, trying the demo and getting in touch with us, you’ll soon be excited to move onto...

Step 2: The Project Discovery

We know your budgets are often tight. During Project Discovery, we’ll work with you to evaluate the cost in finance and resources that creating your existing publicity drains from you. By the end of the process, you’ll stop wondering how you can afford RightMarket and instead wonder how you were ever able to afford not to!

Step 3: Planning

Now you’ve understood the huge savings and benefits to RightMarket, you’ll ask us to start the implementation. You’ll work with your dedicated implementation specialist to plan your tailored on-boarding programme. You’ll decide on your products, choose your pre-launch focus group testers, set achievable launch dates, and much more, to make sure that every use of RightMarket is a ‘win’ for your users.

RightMarket was an interesting option for us due to their incredibly thorough, honest examination of our current costs and time frames. It really highlighted where we could benefit from a system such as this. The figures it drove out were too hard to ignore.

- David Gledhill, Design and Production Manager, Sue Ryder -

Step 4: Preparation

With your tailored plan in place, we’ll work with your teams to collate your designs and assets ready for the build. We’ll get your initial user information ready for account creation. And we’ll continue to educate you on the many areas where you can utilize RightMarket’s power.

Step 5: The build commences!

Now we have everything we need to construct your perfect system. The build will then be scheduled over two-three weeks. During that time, you’ll get regular updates. Plus of course, you’ll have access to test everything at each milestone of the project.

Step 6: Focus Group Review

With the build complete, we’ll work with you and your chosen focus group to get their feedback. We’ll be able to advise you and guide them in making sure their responses are of greatest benefit to getting things right for you.

Onboarding has been really simple. The testing was well-managed. It was a pleasure to see how the RightMarket team worked with us to make the launch a success. It’s only taken 8 weeks from start to finish which is really great

- Emma Jones, Senior Marketing Officer, Parkinson's UK -

Step 7: Refine and final preparation

We’ll use the focus group’s feedback to further tweak your system until it is just right for you. We’re now nearly ready for full launch!
Now, we’ll help you with mobilising your users. We’ll setup an email blast to send on the launch of the site, effectively communicating the how to make the system work for them.

Step 8: The Launch!

Launch day is here. You’ll watch as your users create great publicity from Marketing’s designs. You’ll see how quickly they become engaged with the new system. You’ll see as your teams become less stretched on time and resources. And throughout the launch, we will be by your side, monitoring all activity. We’ll be able to advise and help. And we’ll be ready as a safety net should any users experience teething problems.

Step 9: The future

As use of the system grows, we’ll work with you to make sure that you continue to get the best out of RightMarket. Whether you are looking at the reports to see how the system is being used, updating and refining the designs or rolling RightMarket out to even more of your users, we will partner with you supporting, advising and implementing.

Experience the launch of RightMarket at Parkinson's UK

Becoming a RightMarket customer is about more than just purchasing a solution.

It's about teaming up with a group of individuals, ready to go that extra mile to ensure your templates work in the best way they can to meet the needs of your fundraisers, marketers, supporters and volunteers.

We believe in working in partnership with every single one of our clients. See for yourself - Watch this video from when our Customer Success and Onboarding teams went to Parkinson's UK HQ to launch their site to their entire organisation.

By watching the demo video or getting in touch with us, you'll soon be excited to find out how RightMarket could work for you.

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