Why RightMarket?

Accelerate your charity’s marketing design creation

Optimise your marketing team’s time

Designers’ time doesn’t need to be spent adjusting the same design for different uses.

RightMarket allows those adjustments to be made by staff, volunteers and supporters using templates. Cut design and approval time for designers to allow them to focus on
high-impact projects.
Charity Brand

Empower staff, volunteers, and supporters to create their own designs

Designs can be created in minutes with no design skills. Created easily using approved templates designed by your marketing department.
With RightMarket there is no need for designers to be involved in the design of artwork for individual campaign or fundraising events. Allow staff, volunteers, supporters and to create their own with marketing oversight.

Designs created are always on-brand, up-to-date, and compliant

You decide what can be changed and edited. Have full confidence that created designs meet brand guidelines and are ready for use.
Let your staff, volunteers and supporters express their creativity producing designs in a brand-controlled environment. Templates can serve numerous uses with many layouts and options. You can enable the choice of illustrations, image, or even colour scheme.
Posters designed in RightMarket

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