Product feature:

Campaign Kits

Create full campaigns with just a few clicks.

campaign kits

What does it do?

Campaign kits allows users to create multiple designs in various sizes and formats at the same time.

Why we have this feature

A campaign never requires only one design size – whether it’s posters, flyers or social media posts. Without this feature users would have to create each design separately. This means they would have to start multiple templates, enter the text multiple times and select the imagery for size and format of design required. Not only is this a time-consuming exercise, it also means there is room for error as the user may not complete all designs in the same way, compromising the consistency of a campaign.

With campaign kits, users simply complete their text and image options once and this is shared across all templates, Saving them time and ensuring consistency across all designs.

How does it work

  1. Users’ login to the Online Brand Centre and select a campaign kit template.

  2.  When it loads, they will see a carousel of the different templates within this kit. Clicking on the thumbnails will update the preview of each.

  3. Users edit the template by adding their text and images.

  4. When they are happy and viewed all the previews, they can download to complete their campaign kit.

  5. In their history, they will see a download link for each design in the campaign kit for them to download.
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