Campaign Kits

Create everything you need for a successful campaign in a few clicks with Campaign Kits

campaign kits

What are Campaign Kits

We know that your campaigns need to hit all the right channels in the right ways to succeed. You need to create designs of different sizes, optimised for their unique purposes – from posters and flyers to social media posts. That’s why we created Campaign Kits.

The Campaign Kit feature allows your users to create the various assets they need for their campaign at once. All they need to do is input their images and text, and it’ll automatically appear on all your campaign designs. It saves everyone time, while ensuring consistency across your campaign.

How does it work?

When a user logs into RightMarket, they just need to select a Campaign Kit template. 

They’ll then see a carousel of template types within the kit. They choose one, add their chosen text and images – and it’ll pull through to the other templates too! The Campaign Kits can be designed just as easily as your other templates.

Users can click the thumbnail of each template in the carousel to see a preview of how they look. Once they’re happy, they can click download to complete the campaign.

In their history, they will also see a download link for each design.

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