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RightMarket gets your entire organisation on brand with the right visuals and tone of voice for better customer experiences and easier marketing.

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What is RightMarket?

RightMarket is a brand management platform that makes it easy for anyone in your organisation to create professional brand assets. Our user-friendly templates enforce your brand guidelines to protect against mistakes and inconsistencies.

The benefits are empowered users who create great content quickly themselves – giving your marketing team their time back to focus on the more strategic work and saving you money from having to outsource.

With RightMarket, you can:

Features built for you

Tone of Voice Assistant​

Our templates advise users when they use a word, phrase or format you’d like to avoid and offers preferred alternatives to use instead, so everyone uses the same customer-friendly, on-brand language.

Design Assistant

RightMarket will notify the user when they step outside of your brand guidelines. We then educate them on what to do instead, resulting in on-brand designs every time and better brand knowledge for next time.

Social Media Sharing

Some days, all your team really needs is to save time and move on to the next task. With RightMarket, they can create on-brand social media graphics and post them directly onto their channel of choice.

Image Library

Host pre-approved images, in keeping with your brand, ready for users to select from. We also integrate with digital asset management tools for an easier, integrated experience.

Content Central

When you have a promotion to share, you want to ensure everyone uses it for maximum results. Marketing can set up the messaging and link it to specific templates, so it’s automatically included for your users.

Campaign Kits

To save time when devising a campaign, edit just one design and RightMarket will automatically create all variations needed. You’ll have a consistent, professional campaign, with all the assets you need.

Other features include

• Print Workflows • Single Sign-On • Approval Workflows • API • Reporting

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RightMarket is more than just a platform. We’re an extension of your team, here to help you successfully implement our product and get the most value from it.

Find out more about the services we offer and how we help you achieve your goals.