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Find out why our customers choose us for their brand management needs.

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The benefits you’ll get from RightMarket

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Get precious marketing time back

Marketing time is often scarce, especially when you’ve got to respond to constant design requests.

By giving everyone in your organisation the tools to easily create professional, on-brand materials, the pressure is off marketing.

You win time back to focus on the strategic tasks that drive results.

Cut unnecessary costs

Outsourcing design to an external agencies or freelancers comes at a cost.

But overwhelming internal teams can also lead to reduced productivity that impacts cost-efficiencies.

RightMarket saves you money by simplifying the process and empowering you to do it in-house.

How RightMarket helps you with brand management

Keep everyone on brand

With RightMarket, everyone in your organisation has access to templates that present your brand the way it should be.

Everything that should be is locked down (including logos, taglines and fonts) so there’s no room for error. Users have the confidence to make great marketing assets.

Our Tone of Voice Assistant will also guide them to use the correct language across your material.

Brand management has never been easier.

Empower your people to do local marketing

With RightMarket’s easy-to-use templates, everyone can create their own on-brand marketing assets to embrace local opportunities.

With the power to do more marketing, your brand reach will grow, bringing increased sales and revenue.

The time you could save for your brand management

Prevent production bottlenecks

When everyone relies on one department for their design needs, the risk is long wait times that hold everyone up.

RightMarket lets users create assets in just minutes without production bottlenecks.

The result is more agile marketing and the ability to embrace local opportunities when they arise.

Ensure compliance

Make sure everyone shares the right information across your communications.

From offers and key messages to contact details, you can ensure everyone is on the same page for ultimate compliance.

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Why choose us?

A product tailored to you

We work with you to uncover your brand needs and create a platform that caters to them. Using your brand guidelines, we’ll make sure every template is set for your needs to make brand easier to manage. We’ll also build your templates for you, so you don’t need to learn tricky new software.

Dedicated customer service

Whether it’s helping you design your templates or driving user adoption, our Customer Success team will personally work with you to make sure you get the most out of RightMarket. We’re like an extension of your organisation, ready to help when you need us.

Always evolving

We’re always listening to customer feedback and using it to update our product. We’re here to make a measurable and tangible impact to your brand, which means we have to evolve as you do.

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