Every time that RightMarket is implemented, charities discover that they are actually saving money! The financial savings in outsourced design, marketing resources, and team hours, free up the budget to use RightMarket many times over. For the charities that use RightMarket, the question we hear more often than not is how did they ever afford not to use it!

To confirm this for you, we'll take you through our Project Discovery. We'll join you in an evalutation of how your time, resources and finances are being drained to create your current marketing material. From there we'll be able to show you the many savings that you can make by adopting RightMarket as your solution. 

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Abbie Smith, Marketing Manager at Parkinsons UK

The Project Discovery tool allowed us to see in hours and pounds just how much we could expect to save by investing in RightMarket. After that, it was a no brainer with what we had to do next.

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Are you taking my job?

RightMarket doesn't replace your marketing department in any way. It frees them from drowning in mundane, relentless art-working jobs. It allows them to work on the important stuff. RightMarket will only work with the designs it's given - designs created by your designers. By supplementing your marketing department with RightMarket, you'll allow them to get back to strategy, to the creation of new campaigns, to doing what they do best; raising the profile of the charity.

RightMarket will free your fundraising team too. They won't have their hands tied, waiting to get essential material back. Instead, they'll be able to get on with what they need to, knowing that their publicity material will remain consistently on-brand every time. 

RightMarket doesn't take people's jobs, it helps people do their jobs. 


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Why should I not just let Marketing do it all?

Marketing is one of your most valuable resources.  Within your team, you’ve experts in getting your charity in front of more people, getting more engagement and ultimately more funds.  Do you really want to reduce their role to that of glorified art-workers, creating publicity one event at a time?

When RightMarket is in place, the day to day art working of publicity material is taken care of.  This leaves Marketing free to work on the projects and campaigns that can make a difference to the charity as a whole.  And that means you are using your marketing resources in the most beneficial way for your future.

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Why can't we just let our supporters do it all?

Your supporters are your life-blood.  Without their fantastic ongoing efforts, so many elements of your fundraising would be affected.  Often their attention is on the event or activity they are engaged with, they are not focused on the quality of the publicity they are using.  Because of that, the way they present you can get compromised.  A lack of quality in publicity materials may lead to your being perceived as a lack of care in your other activities too.

RightMarket clears the problem.  In fact, with RightMarket you can let your supporters self-serve their publicity material!  Because Marketing sets the master product templates you’ll know that your supporters will be on-brand ambassadors every time.  So, why you can’t you just let your supporters do it all? With RightMarket, you can!

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Won't we lose control?

In fact, you’ll gain more control.  RightMarket limits the scope that your users can change in the templates to those you and Marketing allow.  You’ll increase control over colours, fonts, placement of logos, images and more.  Your users will be able to be creative within the confines you set.  This will keep consistent control over your brand, every time.

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What if our users aren't technically competent?

The RightMarket system is designed to be useable by anyone.  It’s simple.  Publicity material is created through a clear and precise series of choices.  Because you’ll limit those choices to the ones that you want your users to make, you’ll never have to worry about them getting confused. 

To see how simple the system really is, take a look at our demo video.  It will quickly show you how a poster can be built up by any user, no matter what their skill level. 


How do we know it's being used?

RightMarket keeps comprehensive reports on user activity.  It’s easy to check user engagement.  You’ll be able to see how many people are using the system through instant email notifications as soon as someone had logged in, how often and what they are creating.  You’ll be able to see who your most prolific users are and what your most popular products are.  And you’ll be able to see who needs more help and encouragement to get the most out of it.  Armed with these reports, you’ll be able to constantly monitor how the system is used, then make informed decisions to further increase engagement.

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Why shouldn't we carry on using our current system?

RightMarket has been developed with Charities in mind.  Our extensive experience in the field has allowed us to make a system that can grow with a Charity’s needs in a way that a bespoke or non-industry system can’t.  We listen to our users and constantly add new improvements based on their needs.  And, with RightMarket, you are not just getting a new software solution, you are gaining a new partner in us.  A partner who is there to support you every step of the way.

So, contact us now and continue your journey to see how RightMarket will work for you. 

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