Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
Our product is for small to medium size organisations who believe in the power of brand but need a helping hand in keeping it consistent. Our solution is particularly impacatful when Marketing teams are over-capacity or have more important and fulfilling tasks to attend to.
That’s because other software solutions have not followed our tried and tested adoption method. We continuously work with our clients throughout the year and train relevant leaders in order to increase adoption.
On the contrary, although your designers will have less administrational designing to do, with RightMarket they can be guaranteed that their work will actually be seen and used! They won’t be re-designing the commonly asked for items over and over again. They will have more time to spend on larger campaigns and collaterals.
After a re-brand, you will have created new brand guidelines and sent these out so that people can follow. However, how do you know if people are using these or reverting to the old brand just because it’s easier? With RightMarket you can make your new brand accessible. Users don’t have to think about the brand, RightMarket does the thinking for them so that they just produce great looking designs in line with your new brand guidelines.
RightMarket is designed to be usable by anyone. Our templates are designed to be intuitive so that any person, no matter what level of skill, can create on-brand and beautiful designs every time. Even better, they won’t have the fear of diluting the brand. Our team are also on hand to provide support to you and your teams too. Find out more about our services here.
During the Project Discovery phase, we work with you to identify the level of service you need from us. We will then be able to recommend the package with the best value for your organisation. Find out more about Project Discovery
Our dedicated team are on hand to build your templates, whether it’s through your own designs or we can design them for you. Find out about our services here.
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