A deep dive into your design process

Find out how much your current design process is actually costing you through a no obligation call with one of our specialists.
project discovery

The process

Project Discovery explores your design process by working through:
Through your Project Discovery, we can indicate:

How we can help

If we establish that your organisation would benefit from using RightMarket and you decide to explore your options, Project Discovery allows us to:
Project discovery
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What to expect

Here are a few questions we frequently get asked about project discovery.

Project Discovery is for Marketing and Creative Teams that want to understand more about their current design process – whether it’s a deep dive into the time and money it takes or how much they are currently taking on.   

It’s an online meeting with a RightMarket specialist that will talk you through your process and give you useful, practical conclusions.   

Between one to two hours. 

  • A list of the design types requested by departments within your organisation (for example: posters, social media assets, flyers, etc).
  • The average number of requests per month (can be estimated).
  • If you have any outsourced costs related to the design and how much it is. 

Yes, absolutely! This is a no-obligation exercise. 

“Project Discovery allowed us to see in time and money how much RightMarket would save us. It was a no brainer”
Abbie Smith
Marketing Manager, Parkinson’s UK

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