Let your franchisees fundraisers members sales people local branches volunteers create on-brand marketing materials

Cut ad-hoc marketing requests, protect your brand and get more marketing done

£186,000 saved in year 1

“RightMarket has been a real success with the network.

With over 300, brand-approved assets created every month on the system it’s difficult to imagine being without it.”

Emma Scholes

Marketing Director

42 days a month given back to the marketing team

“The time saving has been huge. Since the digital team have had use of the social media templates, it’s meant they can be more reactive, efficient, and agile in their comms!”

Sophie Spiteri

Marketing Manager

720% increase in non-brand asset production

“Having reviewed our first year’s usage of RightMarket we were amazed at the results. We saved well over £100,000, over double the amount anticipated with the same resource, which would have been impossible without RightMarket.”

David Gledhill

Design & Production Manager

How you can elevate your brand marketing

Stop ad hoc requests

Give everyone the tools to make brand assets, so you can focus on higher-value work.

Reduce design costs

Spend less with designers, freelancers and agencies, while getting more marketing done.

Stay on brand

Lock down brand elements like logo, colours, fonts and even words with tone of voice control.

Win at local marketing

Give your teams everything they need to execute the brand locally and beat the competition.

Boost productivity

Let people create their own assets in minutes, without having to wait for central teams.

Guarantee compliance

Make sure all your communications contain up-to-date messaging and terms.

Manage your brand, easily and effectively

On-brand templates

Our templates set everything that needs to be in stone – from logos and company information to colours and fonts. Going off-brand becomes impossible.

Users still have the freedom to add text and select from approved images to make designs that fit their goals. Every template is responsive, so everything stays looking professional even as text changes.

Tone of voice control

The language you use is as important as the visual elements of your brand artwork. Our Tone of Voice Assistant guides everyone to use the same customer-friendly language, based on your brand’s preferred terminology.

You’re left with a consistent brand voice across your communications.

Full service support

We know you’re already busy. That’s why we build your custom brand management system for you.

Our templates are built in line with your brand needs, ready for your organisation to use. There’s no need for you to lose time building them yourself or learning tricky software.

We also offer unlimited amends, with a dedicated Customer Success manager to support you when you need it.

Marketing insights

Get reports on what users are creating in RightMarket, including active users, most popular templates and even common mistakes.

With this data in your pocket, you can focus on educating people about brand and make sure their output offers value.

Works with your marketing stack

RightMarket connects to your existing marketing tools, including DAM systems and social media channels, to offer seamless, uninterrupted user experiences.

We offer single sign-on with your intranet and remote access, making it easy for users to do on-brand marketing where and whenever.

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Cut ad-hoc marketing requests, protect your brand and get more marketing done

Frequently Asked Questions

Canva is a great tool for individuals looking to easily create designs. But it doesn’t offer the brand control that larger organisations need.

RightMarket is different because we keep everyone on brand. Our templates pin down those all-important brand elements – including colours, fonts, logos, layouts and company details – so they’re used consistently and correctly. Users are still free to make changes (like adding text, choosing layout styles or uploading images), but brand is always protected.

We also offer features that Canva doesn’t, including:

  • Monitoring tone of voice and suggesting alternatives when people use off-brand words
  • Brand templates built for you. In Canva, you’d have to create these yourself
  • Hands-on customer service, including template amends, technical support and guidance when you need it
  • Unlimited seats.
     We don’t put limits on how many people can use RightMarket in your organisation, no matter what price plan you’re on

Yes! Before we start building your platform, we’ll spend time with you understanding your existing artwork and needs. We then turn those pieces of artwork into digital templates that are easy for users to edit while still reflecting your brand. If you don’t have artwork, we can start from scratch instead.

As RightMarket is a custom built brand management platform, tailored to your needs, we don’t have a one-size-fits-all price. If you’d like to get an inkling of how much it could cost you, fill out our pricing form.

RightMarket isn’t a DAM. It’s a brand management platform, which allows you to create on-brand marketing materials across your organisation.

DAM systems are commonly used to store and share digital assets, such as videos and images. Users can then download these assets to use – but most DAMs won’t control how they use them.

RightMarket controls the production of brand assets, like posters and social media graphics, through our templates. It ensures your images are used in professional designs and makes it easy for everyone to stay on-brand.

RightMarket even integrates with your DAM system so users can find your digital assets and turn them into great brand content.