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  • With 115 franchise offices, Caremark needed a way to empower each one to embrace local marketing and stay on brand
  • RightMarket gives every franchise the resource it needs for marketing, making it easy to create on-brand materials in minutes
  • RightMarket’s Tone of Voice Assistant eliminates outdated terminology in favour of customer-friendly alternatives
  • RightMarket has given franchise owners the confidence to do more local marketing and support head office’s national efforts

About Caremark

Caremark is a home care franchisor with over 115 franchise offices across the UK. Since their inception in 2005, their primary goal has been to give everyone access to excellent care. Today, their care network provides 110,000 hours of support every week across 7,000 customers.

The situation before RightMarket

With a wide network of branches spread across the UK, Caremark didn’t have a consistent and aligned marketing strategy. There were two main obstacles they were facing.

Firstly, only 10% of their branches had internal marketing capacity. Those that didn’t were limited in the local marketing they could do. They had a goal of increasing their private customer base from 30% to 70% of their business – and local marketing was seen as crucial in enabling that growth.

Secondly, where branches did create their own marketing materials, they did it without guidance from head office. Many did not know the right way to craft posters, flyers and other assets.

The result was inconsistent branding and unprofessional designs that threatened Caremark’s reputation. Customer trust was undermined, in a sector where trust is crucial for success.

It was clear a solution was needed to empower every franchisee to embrace local marketing and contribute to Caremark’s growth. That solution also needed to protect the central brand and bring everyone together.

A platform for on-brand, local marketing

According to Emma Scholes, Marketing Director, “Caremark needed RightMarket as much as they needed oxygen”.

Emma had already worked with us at another well-known franchise. She knew first-hand the impact we had on brand protection and marketing enablement.

Historically, there has been little attention paid to marketing in Caremark, especially at a local level. The brand had also become dated.

Emma’s first goal was to refresh the brand so it better connected with customers across the UK. RightMarket was crucial in keeping everyone aligned to the new brand and enabling them to market it locally.

A custom-built Caremark marketing platform

Starting with our in-depth Project Discovery, we established the foundations for the platform. We discovered that social media posts, business cards and letterheads were the priorities, based on how often franchise owners needed to create them and the time that could be saved by automating them. Then, we built those first so Caremark could get those immediate wins.

In total, we built 24 templates, covering the areas of advertising, social media, flyers and beyond. Every template was built to make it as easy as possible for users. Brand elements, like logos, layouts, colours and key messages are locked down to ensure consistency. They only need to select their branch and contact details are automatically updated.

Every template also has a choice of pre-approved imagery and quotes for users to choose from, allowing them to tailor their designs to their goals.

It means every franchise can now create marketing assets without barriers.

Now, our franchise owners don’t need to have marketing knowledge or know how to put an advert together. RightMarket has given them their own marketing assistant to do it for them.

Emma Scholes

Marketing Director

Maintaining one brand voice

One of Emma’s key goals for Caremark was eliminating stiff, outdated language. Our Tone of Voice Assistant was integral in ensuring a warm tone of voice by suggesting appropriate alternatives when franchises used the old terminology. ‘Clients’ became customers and ‘support workers’ became Care Assistants.

By offering this guidance, every franchise would share the same friendly, modern tone of voice. It became easier to spark emotional connections with customers and build that all-important trust.

Getting the franchise network on board

Once the platform was ready, the next challenge was getting every franchise office on board. We worked closely with Emma and the Caremark team to ensure a successful launch.

RightMarket was changing 17 years of do-it-yourself marketing processes. But, once some of more pro-active franchises took to the system, they saw the benefits immediately.

They shared the results they were getting with RightMarket and encouraged others to follow suit.

Since then, momentum has continued to pick up, with over 200 active users now creating on-brand marketing output through RightMarket.

Caremark now have 10x more local marketing output

Nobody can sum up the result better than Caremark’s CEO David Glover: “It’s a gamechanger”.

Prior to RightMarket, only 10 of Caremark’s 115 branches had internal marketing resource. Today, all 115 have the resources they need to embrace local marketing. That’s a more than tenfold increase in marketing output.

The rewards have stretched beyond their intentional goals. Templates like cards mean franchise owners can build personal connections with their customers for increased satisfaction. Welcome letters and recruitment posters have also proven crucial in recruiting and retaining the right staff and overcoming current skills gaps in the industry.

If I was to go to my CEO after the success of RightMarket, I know he’d be more likely to listen to my recommendations. It’s put our marketing team on the map in Caremark.

Emma Scholes

Marketing Director

The rewards have stretched beyond their intentional goals. Templates like cards mean franchise owners can build personal connections with their customers for increased satisfaction. Welcome letters and recruitment posters have also proven crucial in recruiting and retaining the right staff and overcoming current skills gaps in the industry.

There have been benefits for Emma personally too, who has been able to show Caremark’s network the value of her marketing team and increase her standing.

There is also now 100% consistency across the network, meaning brand is protected always. Local marketing efforts are fully aligned with Caremark’s national strategy for a connected, impactful approach.

With local teams ready to market without intervention from head office, the marketing team have saved 15 days a month. That’s precious resource to focus on growth instead and offer more people excellent care.

RightMarket has enabled us to give our franchise owners a tool they actually like using. It’s easy to use and very relevant. There has been absolutely no pushback because they’re loving it, which doesn’t happen often in franchises.

Emma Scholes

Marketing Director

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