Product feature:

Image Library

Add pre-approved images to your library for users to select, keeping them on-brand.

resource space

What does it do?

The image library allows you to store pre-approved images for your teams to select from when creating a design, allowing them to feel confident when choosing.

Why we have this feature

Often overlooked, images are a huge part of how a brand is perceived. They are the first thing that pops from a design, so it’s important for them to always be in line with your brand guidelines.

The Online Brand Centre has the ability to let users upload their own images, but an easier and more intricate way to ensure brand is to provide a set of images for users to select from.

Images can be restricted to certain templates and can be categorised into topics. We also have integrations with Digital Asset Management tools such as Resource Space and Third Light.

You can read our Resource Space blog here.

How does it work

  1. Images are uploaded, tagged and categorised by Marketing.

  2.  Users creating a template with an image selection option can click Browse.

  3. A pop up appears showing the available images. Users can search and browse for a suitable image.

  4. Once they have decided on an image they can click Use Selection to then add this to their design.
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