Overcoming the Canva free-for-all with RightMarket

Most marketing teams or amateur designers will have heard of Canva. In the last few years, it’s put design tools on the map and allowed those with little creative experience to easily craft great artwork.

If you run a very small business with only a select few people responsible for creating comms, Canva is probably an ideal tool for you.

But if you run an SME or larger organisation, Canva is likely the root cause of all your creative team’s headaches. While it’s great at empowering people in your organisation who don’t have design experience, it doesn’t necessarily keep them on brand. Canva lets you set some brand elements, but there’s still every risk that someone can rogue and create a ClipArt-esque design that they think is brilliant.

The result is mismatched marketing materials that don’t truly represent you. You need a Canva alternative that keeps everyone on-brand while still allowing easy design regardless of user skill.

This is where tools like RightMarket prove their value. Our user-friendly templates keeps people on brand always, letting you reap the rewards of consistency and stop your design team from having to manage every single request.

We spoke to Lis Harding, Graphic Designer at Ashgate Hospice to find out why she needed RightMarket to end Canva chaos.

Draining capacity

One of the main difficulties marketing and creative teams experience when managing their brand is time. You either have to disrupt your working day by being available to respond to last-minute design requests from other teams or spend time governing the designs they make themselves. 

In either scenario, it’s hard to find the capacity to focus on your larger tasks or meet strategic goals.

Design Headaches

If you’ve spent time and money creating brand guidelines, everyone should use them. An artwork tool should complement your guidelines, allowing you to align teams and get the benefits of a strong, reliable brand.

With a DIY tool like Canva, the risk that someone will go off-brand is too big. It gives people the resources and confidence to design, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the end design will be right. Designer and marketing managers still need to approve and likely edit it to avoid mishaps. It means constant monitoring of your Canva account and users, which eats into capacity and causes your design department stress.

Stay on brand, always

RightMarket brings your brand guidelines to life by guaranteeing everyone sticks to them. Our templates embody your brand and make it easier for anyone (and we mean anyone) to create great marketing materials.

Everything is kept as it should be, from the position of your logo to the fonts used. There’s no room for error. If someone does go wrong, we’ll alert them before they even think about pressing save.

As a result, you gain confidence that every piece of content will be on-brand consistently.

Get your precious marketing time back

If you work in marketing, no doubt you have used the phrase “if only there were more hours in the day!”. RightMarket gives you those hours back. By giving everyone in your organisation the power to create on-brand designs, marketing capacity is freed up to focus on the strategic goals that will drive results.

Your non-marketing teams save time too by being able to create the materials they need without waiting for the marketing or design department to do it for them.

See your brand in action

If you work in design or marketing, there’s nothing like coming into work to see your brand represented well. It feels like your hard work has finally paid off.

Materials created in RightMarket look good. It’s that simple. Your brand is represented well and customers leave with a great impression of your organisation. Hear it from Lis…

If brand chaos is eating into your precious time and Canva isn’t quite cutting it, you need RightMarket.

With easy-to-use templates that enforce your brand guidelines, it empower anyone to create great designs that represent your organisation well.

You’ll also win marketing and design resource back, ready to tackle the big wins.