Product feature:

Social Media Integration

Create social media graphics and post them
directly from RightMarket.

social media

What does it do?

RightMarkets Online Brand Centre social media integration allows users to create and share on-brand social media posts with ease.

Why we have this feature

Many of our customers use the RightMarkets Online Brand Centre to create social media posts before we developed the integration users would have to download their completed social media post design And then upload the social media platform.

The social media integration feature means users can post directly from the Online Brand Centre immediately after creating their design, with just a couple of clicks. They can also add the accompanying text to their post and a link to redirect people when clicking on the image.

This saves the user time, ensures posts are on-brand every time and marketing can keep track of posts created in RightMarket.

How does it work

  1. Users log in to the Online Brand Centre and choose a social media post template.

  2.  They complete the design just like any other template entering text and selecting imagery to create their design.

  3. On these social media posts templates there are some additional fields where users can give their social media posts a title, enter the text to accompany the post and lastly a field where they can enter a link to redirect people when clicking on your post.

  4. Once these three fields are completed users can then click share instead of the download option, of course, they can always still download this post instead If they don’t want to share it immediately.

  5. This will open a pop up a new window, if they are already logged in to the social media platform, they will see their social media posts passed from RightMarket, they can then click post or tweet in the pop-up to confirm and publish that post on social media. If they are not logged in to the social media platform prior to clicking the share button the pop-up will prompt them to log in.
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