Social Media Integration

Create on-brand social media graphics and share them directly to your social channels

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What is Social Media Integration?

In today’s world, your brand has to be on social media. For the best results, you need a consistent presence with graphics that look great and catch anyone scrolling past’s eye.

RightMarket integrates with your social media channels for easy sharing. Users can design impactful, on-brand graphics in the RightMarket platform that can then be shared directly onto your social channels.

They can also add the accompanying text to their post and a link to redirect people when clicking on the post, without having to exit RightMarket.

It allows a seamless and uninterrupted experience that saves your users time and effort.

Watch the feature in action below

How does it work?

When a user selects a social media template, they’ll be given the option to post to various social channels.

The design will be completed just like any other template, with the user selecting the text and imagery they wish to use. They can also fill in additional fields, such as the title of the post, accompanying text and the link they would like people to be redirected to when clicking the post.

Once these fields are complete, the user can click to share the design instead of downloading it (of course, they can always download it to post later).

A new window will pop up with the post shown in the chosen social media channel, ready to press post to get it out into the world. If users aren’t already logged in to your organisation’s socials, they’ll be prompted to do so first.

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