Tone of Voice Assistant

Ensure everyone embodies your brand tone of voice for warmer customer experiences

tone of voice

What is Tone of Voice Assistant

The way you speak to your customers matters. Brand tone of voice is crucial in building relationships, reflecting your values and securing trust.

However, for results, everyone in your organisation needs to use the same voice.

Our Tone of Voice Assistant keeps everyone using on-brand language that welcomes your customer. When someone uses a word, phrase or format you want to avoid, we offer preferred alternatives to guide them. The result is consistent communication across your brand assets, making for better customers experiences.

We can even help you to educate your users by highlighting the common mistakes they make – including using capitals in the wrong place in your brand name!

How does it work?

Together, we create a bespoke library of words, phrases and formats you would like to avoid along with the alternatives you’d rather were used. We can also enforce formatting on fields such as dates and times.

When a user starts to create a design, the Assistant is actively looking for any of the words, phrases and formats listed in your library.

If a match is found, it will flag which part of the text needs to be edited. It will then give the user suggestions of on-brand alternatives. Alongside keeping everyone consistent, it also educates your teams and helps them remember how to speak and write about your brand effortlessly.

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