Product feature:

Tone of Voice Assistant

Keep writing on brand
tone of voice

What does it do?

Tone of Voice Assistant advises users when they use a word, phrase or format you would like to avoid and offers preferred alternatives, making every piece of writing consistent across your brand.

Why we have this feature

Brand is a game of two halves – visual identity and tone of voice. A solution that doesn’t tackle both is not a solution. This feature is to help educate users around using the correct phrases, wording and formats that are consistent with your brand guidelines.

All materials are then created in one consistent voice from your organisation.

How does it work

Together, we create a bespoke tone of voice library of words, phrases and formats you would like to avoid along with suggested alternatives. We also can enforce formatting on fields such as dates and times.

When a user starts to create any design in the Online Brand Centre, the tone of voice assistant is actively looking for any of the words, phrases and formats listed in your library.

If a match is found, it will flag which part of the text needs to be edited. It will then give the user suggestions of on-brand alternatives. This doesn’t only ensure consistent tone of voice, it also educates your teams and helps them remember how to speak and write about your brand, embracing it effortlessly.

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