Product feature:

Design assistant

Empower users to feel like designers

What does it do?

A rich set of tools and features within the Online Brand Centre that keeps all users on-brand.

Why we have this feature

Giving an empowering user experience while keeping designs on brand is at the heart of the Online Brand Centre.

We lock down parts of the templates so nobody can dilute or change key components such as logo or legal aspects, but give the user options to design on brand. For example, they could choose colours from your palette or different images from your approved library.

We also have features that give them freedom while creating materials. For example, if too much text is entered, the Brand Centre will gradually reduce font size and arranges it around other elements to keep it readable and designed.

Additionally, users can choose between different designs within a template, switching the look of the design while keeping to pre-approved templates signed off by you.

How does it work

All templates on RightMarket’s Online Brand Centre have controlled options for the users to select from or edit.

These options differ from template to template and our customer success team works with you to establish how and what can be edited.

Options for users include:

  • Whether you want users to select an image from preapproved images or be able to upload their own.

  • What text can the free type and what needs to be a selection.

  • If they can change the design layout in any way or make parts optional which may require the design to change.

  • What output do they require the final design to be in.

  • If you want to give them any colour choices from your brand’s colour palette.

All templates have an editing tool bar breaking down the creative experience into bite size chunks. Making it easy for users of all skill levels to create great designs.

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