Product feature:

Design Assistant

Empower your organisation’s people to become confident brand designers


The visual identity of your brand speaks volumes. It helps people to recognise your organisation in a crowded marketplace and ensures a great impression.

Because of how much the visual side of brand matters, you need to empower your users to create consistent, on-brand designs that present your organisation well.

Our Design Assistant contains all the tools a user needs to craft professional designs. Your brand elements are locked down, including logos and colour palettes. Meanwhile, users have the freedom to choose pre-approved images and add text that fit their goals.

The result is visually-appealing designs and in-house users who feel confident enough to create their own brand assets.

See the Design Assistant in action below:

How does the Design Assistant work?

All templates in RightMarket have controlled options for the users to select from or edit.

These options differ from template to template. Our customer success team will work with you to establish how and what can be edited, dependent on the control you want users to have.

Options include:

  • Whether you want users to select an image from preapproved images or be able to upload their own.
  • What text can be typed in freely and what needs to be chosen from a selection.
  • Whether they can change the design layout in any way or make parts optional (which may require the design to change responsively).
  • What output they require the final design to be in.
  • If you want to give them any colour choices from your brand’s colour palette or beyond.

All our templates have an editing tool bar which breaks down the creative experience into bite-size chunks. It means it easy for users of all skill levels to create great designs and navigate the platform successfully.

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