Product feature:

Content Central

Set the content of templates for users to quicky create designs from them
Teach users about your brand

What does it do?

Content Central allows RightMarket admin users to set the content templates, so users can create and distribute consistent key messages and promotions set by marketing.

Why we have this feature

Many organisations have key promotions or messages they need to roll out across their organisation and network, asking everyone to go and create these themselves and ensuring consistency is challenging.

This Content Central feature makes it easy for marketing to set the content, so users just have to make small localised changes before finalising the design.

How does it work

  1. Marketing can log in to the Online Brand Centre admin and define the content required, entering the promotion or messaging using our content central interface.

  2. Templates linked to use this feature will then automatically include this content for all users next time they login and open this template.

  3. Marketing can then instruct users to login and create their design for this promotion or message.

  4. Users simply open the template and then proceed to download or send to print. There can also be some small edits they can do to localise the design with their shop or branch name.

  5. Marketing can then keep track in the admin history to see which locations have created their designs with this promotion or message.
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