Content Central

Ensure your key messaging and offers are shared across your brand assets

Teach users about your brand

What is Content Central?

There’s certain content you want to make sure gets shared correctly across your brand assets. It could be contact details or location information. Relying on everyone to remember to include it could be risky.

Content Central ensures your content get shared across your brand assets. Marketing can set the content they want to be featured, so users incorporate it in all their designs. They’ll only need to make small changes, such as images and surrounding text.

How does it work?

It starts with the marketing team, who add the information they want to include across brand designs using our Content Central interface.

All templates that have been linked to the feature (you choose which ones are!) will automatically include the content when users open them. Users just need to make small edits, such as updating the design with messages or images.

You will also be able to track who has used the relevant designs in their admin history, so you can see which of your branches and teams has used the content.

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