RightMarket is the self-serve publicity platform for your fundraisers and supporters.


 Increase your charity's brand reach.

 Reduce unnecessary design costs.

  Ensure artwork is 100% compliant.

If a design has gone through RightMarket, we can expect, on average, to save £100 per brief. That £100 will pay for a clinical nurse to visit a patient's home. In the year we've been running RightMarket, we're looking at £80,000 in design and management time savings.

- David Gledhill, Design and Production Manager, Sue Ryder -

The traditional problem

Creating publicity material is a frustrating and drawn out process. Everything feels chaotic. You are often off-brand.

Your marketing team is flooded with more requests than they can keep up with. Their budget and resources are stretched well beyond capacity.

Your fundraisers end up producing material themselves to keep up with demand. They are never free to concentrate on the job they are needed for: raising essential funds.

Your supporters don't get what they need in time to make the most out of their events. They raise fewer funds and wonder if it's all too hard.

Your sponsors worry that their brand is getting left off too many times. They question if your charity is right for them.

Simply put, less money gets through to directly support the causes your charity is here for!


The RightMarket Way

Creating publicity material is quick and simple. Your brand is consistent every time.

Marketing is freed to work on strategic projects that push the charity forward. It's easy to retain control over the master templates.

Your fundraisers can produce on-brand publicity materials in a matter of minutes. Even if they are servicing supporters, it doesn't interfere with their fundraising activities.

Your supporters can self-serve their needs for all their events. They're proud of the results, which makes them even more motivated.

Your sponsors can see their logo everywhere it should be. They are really sensing the benefit of working with you.

You've saved time, resources and funds. Your brand is consistent. People get what they need fast. Your publicity is driving your charity's growth.