Supplying 3,600 Just Eater’s with Branded Artwork & Accessories

Just Eat

The situation

After the merger with Just Eat needed a fast and efficient way for “JETers” to create branded stationery, merchandise and advertising.

The solution

Integrated directly into Just Eat’s intranet system “The Kitchen”, RightMarket deployed a marketing portal for all 3,600 staff to create assets and order accessories using the latest branding.

Brand consistency

Discount vouchers, booklets, adverts and accessories can all be tailored to suit a local marketing requirement.

Approved images, colours and typography are controlled within flexible artwork templates while JETers can choose the correct branding from Just Eat, or Menulog (owned by Just Eat) with a simple drop down.

Time saving

Letting colleagues self-serve routine artwork and merchandise requirements using the brand portal frees the marketing and studio teams for higher impact, creative projects.

Team members can simply log in, tailor an asset, download hi-res, production-ready files for local production, or send them directly to the local approved supplier. What used to take days and specialist resources now regularly takes just a few minutes.

On-Brand Assets Produced During the First Month
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Saved in Design Briefs During the First Month
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