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Make better decisions and educate your team with RightMarket’s analysis tools

In an ideal world, everyone in your organisation would understand your brand guidelines instantly. Moreover, they’d use them to create great on-brand assets without prompting.

In reality, it takes time and effort to reach this nirvana. People need to be educated on your brand and given the right tools.

RightMarket reinforces your brand guidelines. This means people can’t go rogue and learn exactly how things should be presented. But, we also offer insights that uncover how people are using your brand and any common mistakes.

This knowledge empowers you to optimize your brand management efforts and get the most out of RightMarket.

With RightMarket insights, you can expect to:

1. Empower your users to do their best, on-brand local marketing

RightMarket gives people the power to create their own marketing assets. By making sure your users get the most out of RightMarket, they’re more likely to do great local marketing that extends your reach.

Using RightMarket insights, you can uncover how people are using your platform – which helps you to boost productivity and increase local marketing.

Track user adoption

From your admin area, you can easily see how many users have joined your platform so far. The more people joining, the more local marketers your brand gains.

If people still aren’t using it, it can help you rethink your onboarding programme to get people engaged. We’ll help you through this process.

Graph showing number of users signed up to the RightMarket platform

Identify your champion users and find advocates

In RightMarket, you can review lists of your top users – the people and locations using your platform the most.

There are many benefits to identifying your power users. Firstly, it allows you to see who is using it to do the most marketing, including specific roles, teams or branches. This makes it easier to map the impact of their work. For example, once you know your most active branches, you’ll be able to determine if that translates to increased performance

Once you’ve identified your top users, they can make for good leaders for the rest of your organisations. Their success can be used to encourage more people to get value from your platform. They’re also great sources of insight as you seek to improve your processes and platform.

Uncover your inactive users

One of the benefits of RightMarket is boosting productivity in your organisation. So, it’s only right that everyone uses it.

As well as your top users, RightMarket shows who has been active recently. You’ll see what percentage of users have logged in and created artwork recently, as well as the last time individuals log in.

Chart showing the amount of users placing orders

You can download reports showing users who’ve never logged in or are the least active. By knowing who isn’t using your platform, it’ll be easier to uncover the reasons why. You can then put plans in place to convert them – whether it be training, comms or even amendments to your platform.

2. Monitor what local marketing is being produced, in one place

RightMarket empowers everyone to create agency-quality, on-brand artwork. But you might be curious about what artwork they’re specifically making.

Fortunately, our insights give you a view of what your users have created.

Highlight the templates people need most

In your admin area, you can see a list of the most used template types. This allows you to see what people are commonly creating – which may inspire future templates.

You’ll also uncover how people are using their designs: digitally or printed. This makes it easier to estimate printing costs and see how your brand is being used.

Track marketing growth over time

You’ll be able to see how many designs are being created each month.

This is ideal for tracking usage – including whether activity is growing. If people are creating more, it’s a good sign your brand is getting more reach.

Alternatively, if usage is starting to shrink, it’s likely time to reignite everyone’s engagement with your platform – something we can help you to do!

It’ll also help you stay within your monthly limit, as determined by your plan for better budget management.

A list of the top ten templates, as shown in RightMarket

Get ahead of your brand’s output

Finally, you can also see a list of the most recent orders and downloads in your RightMarket platform.

This helps you to keep on top of your organisation’s marketing activity – and get a sneak peek at what’s coming up!

3. Analyse the implementation of your brand platform

All the data we’ve listed above can be accessed at any time, directly from the admin area of your RightMarket platform. It makes it easy to track whether your platform has been adopted successfully, or if work still needs to be done.

On top of this, you’ll have regular Customer Success meetings. We speak with each of our customers to understand their goals for their platform. These meetings allow you to check your progress to those goals.

Our team will take you through key data like user activity, growth and popular designs. If you’ve set a specific target (for example, user adoption), we’ll let you know how near you are. The aim is to make sure you’re get the most value from RightMarket.

Chart showing user adoption of a RightMarket platform over time

We also collect feedback from your users in-app, such as template requests. We’ll share these with you for discussion. It can help you to develop your platform with full understanding of what your users would like.

4. Erase tone of voice mistakes

Our Tone of Voice Assistant feature offers your users guidance as they go. When they include terms that don’t fit your brand guidelines, it suggests better alternatives. So, you ensure your brand voice is protected and people learn the friendly, inclusive language they should be using.

Our Customer Success team can also give you insight to the tone of voice mistake your users commonly make. Whether it’s mistyping your organisation’s name or using incorrect terminology, we’ll record the instances where the TOVA has stepped in.

A list showing the most common tone of voice mistakes

With this data, you can focus on educating people so they always use the right language moving forward.

Where do I find it all?

Great question! If you’re already a RightMarket customer, you’ll be glad to know all this data is stored safely in your platform admin area.

When you log in to your RightMarket admin account and scroll to services in the left-hand menu, you’ll see these three areas:

  • Analytics – where you can see what users have logged in recently, as well as any orders submitted
  • Usage – where you can see how many new users have joined and how many pieces of artwork have been created (ideal for checking you’re within your monthly limit!)
  • Reports – a full view of activity, including your top templates, top users, any rejected orders and more

Every area can be refined to a specific time – so it’s easy to find exactly what you want to know.

All of this data, plus more, will also be presented during your regular business reviews with our Customer Success Team. They’ll also be able to take you through exclusive insights, like common tone of voice insights.

Moreover, they’ll help you understand how the data is moving you towards your RightMarket goals.

What is the impact of RightMarket insight?

Our goal is to help organisations stay on top of brand and get the best possible value from RightMarket. Our analysis and insights help you do both. Here’s how our insights benefit you:

  1. Platform development: By understanding how your users engage with RightMarket, you can identify areas for improvement and take proactive steps to improve the platform. This includes knowing which templates are popular and which aren’t to shape your future templates.
  2. Understand your marketing: Our insights allow you to understand what people are putting into the world. For example, if social media posts are your most popular template, it’s a good sign users are actively posting there. It’ll help you to see the shape of your local marketing and make decision to improve it from there.
  3. User education: Our unique user insights shape your internal education initiatives, making it easier to transform every individual in your organization into a brand hero. By gaining a deep understanding of how users interact with RightMarket, you can design tailored training programs and communication strategies that address specific challenges or areas of improvement. This ensures that everyone is equipped with the knowledge and skills to create on-brand assets effectively. It’s also a good way to uncover the hidden gems your users might not be using fully, so you can point them in the right direction.

We will support you throughout this journey, offering guidance and assistance to help you build a platform that has the best possible impact on your organisation.

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