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ResourceSpace now integrates with RightMarket

ResourceSpace, the digital asset management tool, now integrates with RightMarket. It means you can seamlessly search for approved images directly from RightMarket – yay!

With the integration, you may choose up-to-date brand assets such as logos or permission-approved images directly from your DAM, without leaving RightMarket. It’s an alternative to having to move constantly between platforms, which often makes the process longer and leaves users frustrated.

Don’t just listen to us though, as we’ve put together the short demo below to show it in action.

What are the benefits of ResourceSpace x RightMarket integration?

How it works

Once your ResourceSpace account is linked, you’ll be able to browse approved imagery to use. Firstly, select the template you want in RightMarket and add in your text. Then, choose an image from ResourceSpace. 

When you’ve picked an appropriate image, it will then be dropped into your template to fit the existing design. Then, you’re good to go!

Importantly, users only have access to the images you want them to use. So, there’s no risk of inappropriate or off-brand imagery ruining a design and damaging your reputation.

Artwork creators can also quickly find imagery without having to leave the artwork template in RightMarket, making their lives easier too.

What is ResourceSpace?

ResourceSpace is the leading, open source Digital Asset Management system. By using it, you can store, manage, search and control access to all of your digital assets like photography, video and files. Learn more about ResourceSpace, over on their website.

What is RightMarket?

RightMarket enable anyone in the organisation to create on-brand, compliant, agency quality designs from a web browser. We remove routine artwork creation requests, so professional marketers have their time back. As a result, your marketing team can concentrate on rewarding work that builds brand value rather than ad hoc design requests. 

Learn more about RightMarket and how it can help you.