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  • The Stroke Association chose RightMarket for an accessible platform that enables all their coordinators to quickly design brand artwork and embrace local marketing opportunities.
  • The internal creative team now receive lesslast minute, quick turnaround design requests, giving them more certainty over their workload and capacity for strategic tasks.
  • RightMarket’s analysis features also empower the Stroke Association to better manage their design resources.

About the Stroke Association

The Stroke Association is a UK charity that provides support to individuals affected by stroke, as well as their families and caregivers.

They have coordinators that work nationally, helping stroke survivors to access services to support their recovery across the UK. Part of their role includes promoting this support in local communities.

Before RightMarket: a clunky system that wasn’t used widely enough

The Stroke Association had a web-to-print system in place before they came to RightMarket. The aim of their original system was to make it easier for coordinators to create service marketing assets. But various issues meant it wasn’t used widely.

The system was slow and clunky to use. Only a small group of people used the system, which went against their original goals.

There was also limited access to reporting facilities, which made it difficult to keep track of usage and marketing output.

Instead, their internal creative team had to process requests that could’ve gone through this platform, which were often hard to manage and required a quick turnaround. In some cases, coordinators would try to do their own work – but would base it on outdated artwork that didn’t fit the current brand.

With people regularly creating their own material and the platform used by only a small proportion of coordinators, they realised they needed a better solution. One that offered an improved user experience and enabled everyone – regardless of their technical and design skills – to create marketing.

The business case: 160% increase in design capacity every month

The Stroke Association looked at several suppliers to find their perfect solution. Ty Bhogal, Creative Services Manager at the Stroke Association, had a detailed spec of what he wanted, with user-friendliness and a digital-first approach being key on his list.

He quickly decided RightMarket was the right fit. This was largely due to RightMarket’s Project Discovery process, which allowed the Stroke Association to determine how our platform aligned with their goals.

I don't think other companies offered a period where we could test the templates. It allowed us to try out our regularly used templates first before committing. We really appreciated having that time.

Image of Ty Bhogal, The Stroke Association

Ty Bhogal

Creative Services Manager

Project Discovery gave Ty a chance to gather insights about how RightMarket would impact the organisation once it was in place. Through our calculations, we found that we could save the Stroke Association the equivalent of 600 days and £90,000 per year.

This was crucial to selling the platform into the rest of the organisation. The insights, plus positive feedback from his own users, gave Ty the confidence that his decision to choose RightMarket was the right one.

Erasing unpredictable design requests and giving everyone the power of marketing

Two years after their platform launched, the Stroke Association have felt the benefits promised by the Project Discovery process.

The load has been taken off the creative team, who can now use the time they would have wasted on processing request to do more strategic work. Instead of unpredictable chaos, the platform has given them certainty that makes it much easier to plan their time.

Coordinators benefit from a quicker turnaround time, allowing them to embrace local service marketing opportunities. Everything they create is now on-brand, without fear of old artwork being used.

RightMarket’s accessibility features, like a simple platform layout, large fonts and colour contrasts, mean anyone has the power to do marketing, with easy-to-use templates that honour the Stroke Association’s brand guidelines.

The plan is to roll this out further with their volunteers, who can be stroke survivors themselves. So, accessibility isa key priority for Ty and those that work with volunteers. Even today, RightMarket and the Stroke Association continue to work in collaboration to improve that accessibility further, with regular testing by real-life volunteers.

Better managing their marketing resources

Another crucial win for Ty and his team has been the analysis RightMarket offers.

The brand and creative team can see who is creating marketing materials and what they’re sharing with the world. They can also track spikes in usage and calculate the impact on performance, as well as better monitor their marketing budget and ensure money is spent wisely.

A chart showing designs created in RightMarket but the Stroke Association's readers increasing over time

On top of that, they can analyse the common mistakes users make, such as using incorrect terminology. It’s easier to educate and keep the whole team aligned for ultimate brand protection.

With everyone now empowered to create on-brand marketing materials, the Stroke Association’s brand is more consistently adhered to. They’ve gone from a small internal team who knew how to use their clunky system, to a platform where every single one of their coordinators can design their own brand assets. As a result, they can create more material to locally advertise their services to stroke survivors, offering them vital support in their recovery.

On a personal level, Ty feels like RightMarket has improved the team’s decision-making. With the insights provided by their platform, plus their ability to better track their marketing output, they’ve been able to make active decisions about what to do next.

With so many benefits gained, they’re already keen to extend RightMarket to the rest of the organisation:

RightMarket has allowed me to think about future developments for the wider team. I'm already selling it to others, letting them know there’s already a platform we can utilise for so much of the work we do. It’s opened new avenues for us.

Image of Ty Bhogal, The Stroke Association

Ty Bhogal

Creative Services Manager

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