Freeing up marketing capacity with Sue Ryder

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The situation

When Sue Ryder first approached RightMarket, they were experiencing unmanageable demand for design. All Sue Ryder’s hospices, care centres, and retail stores are in constant need of collateral to help raise awareness and promote events. Fundraisers need collateral to help raise the £37 million the charity needs each year. Sue Ryder did not have the marketing capacity to manage all those requests.

For the Design & Production Team at Sue Ryder, this amounts to over 1000 design requests each year. The number coming in was overwhelming the team and meant there was a long wait for finished designs. The briefs coming in were vitally important to the charity and, despite the team’s best efforts, they could not keep up with demand.

Because of the long wait for designs, people found alternatives to produce their material. As Suzanne Ostler explains, it “led to people […] creating rogue items and going off-brand”. They often used the wrong colours, stretched logos, and were inconsistent.

Brand recognition is important to Sue Ryder. Ensuring that all designs are consistent grows familiarity with the Sue Ryder brand. It means event posters and invitations are immediately recognisable as being Sue Ryder.

A fundraiser’s priority is raising essential funds for the charity, and brand is a low-priority consideration. David and his team needed a better solution than educating on the brand. The challenge was finding a way of delivering design briefs on-time. They needed to be on-brand, consistent and flexible based on demand. This all needed to happen without impacting his team’s valuable time.

The solution

RightMarket’s platform was perfectly aligned to suit David’s requirements.

RightMarket’s Online Design Centre minimises the number of design briefs the Design Team receives. It does so by empowering staff, volunteers, and supporters to create their own artwork.

Sue Ryder provided RightMarket with their most popular designs became responsive templates. These are available to staff, volunteers, and supporters on RightMarket’s website platform.

The Design Team choose which elements of the design are editable. It means David and Suzanne can be confident that everything is on-brand and consistent.

For those needing artwork, the advantage is that they no longer need to request what they need. They can log in to the platform and create it themselves. This means they can put it to good use faster.

The impact

Sue Ryder’s Online Design Centre is now producing over 600 designs a month. That is 720% more than Sue Ryder’s Design Team were producing at capacity. It is now fulfilling the majority of designs that came in as briefs before. The platform is also catering for designs that were never seen or touched by the Design team.

This is a big win for David. It gives him oversight and minimises off-brand design. All whilst also saving management and design time. Last-minute requests still come in, but they are now manageable.

RightMarket is driving efficiencies for Staff, volunteers and supporters. They have instant access to the designs they produce, and turnaround time for design briefs they do submit is faster.

David explains that all this saved time is equal to £100 per design produced. That is funding that can go towards paying for a clinical nurse. As David puts it, for Sue Ryder “this all adds up to incredible care”.

It gives us the freedom, but also keeps us doing what we need to be doing […] to build the Sue Ryder brand.

David Gledhill

Design and Production Manager Manager

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