The essence of Project Discovery
A complimentary deep dive

of consumers believe that design consistency across all touchpoints reinforces a brand's credibility.
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of designers say they need to create 10X MORE ASSETS ​ than they previously did to support the diversity of channels
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Key takeaways 

  • Project Discovery’s objective: RightMarket’s Project Discovery offers a stress-free service for brands to assess and refine their management strategies with expert guidance and no commitment required.

  • Discovery process deep dive: The service includes a deep dive into the brand’s design ecosystem, analysing the volume of design requests and the efficiency of their fulfillment to uncover the true cost and impact on brand integrity.

  • Structured approach to discovery: RightMarket’s methodical approach starts with pre-discovery preparation, moves through an in-depth discovery session to identify brand inefficiencies, and ends with a presentation of tailored solutions.

  • Insightful benefits for brands: Through Project Discovery, Mencap identified significant inefficiencies, leading to a clearer understanding of the tangible benefits and savings a brand management platform could offer.

  • Customised proposal and transition support: Concluding with a personalised proposal, Project Discovery equips brands with a clear strategy for implementing a more efficient brand management system, supported by RightMarket’s dedicated Customer Success team.

Welcome to a new era of brand management

In the intricate world of brand management, maintaining brand consistency while producing fresh, engaging content across multiple channels presents a significant challenge. While you’re juggling your brand and the demands on you and your team’s time, it can be difficult to understand where you are in your brand journey. Are you big enough to benefit from a brand management platform? Are you standing at a crossroads not knowing which way to turn? What choice is best for you? Sometimes you don’t have the time to figure it out or to scrutinise it enough to produce a business case.  

This is exactly why RightMarket created Project Discovery, a unique, free, no-obligation service aimed at guiding brands toward a more efficient, impactful brand management strategy. It takes the stress and loss of head space out of the equation. By providing this service RightMarket experts aim to help empower you with knowledge so you can make decisions that are right for your organisation, your brand, and you with no obligation to sign up.  

What are brand management platforms?

In short brand management platforms empower organisations to maintain brand integrity and consistency while enabling creativity and efficiency in marketing material production within non design teams. These platforms ensure that all marketing efforts, whether they are carried out by franchisees, members, salespeople, local branches, or volunteers, adhere strictly to the brand’s guidelines, protecting the brand and enhancing its value.

Discover the power of Project Discovery for your brand

Why project discovery matters to you

Project Discovery offers a data-driven approach that enables you to gain a crystal-clear understanding of your current design process and how it impacts on your bottom line and brand integrity. By exploring every facet of your brand’s design ecosystem, from the volume of design requests to the efficiency of their fulfillment, Project Discovery unveils the true cost—in both time and money—of your current operations and delves into whether or not a brand management platform can transform these challenges into opportunities. 


An illustration of an adhoc design request process.
An example of a design process before Project Discovery.

Navigating RightMarket's Project Discovery

Stage 1: Pre-discovery preparation

At this stage it’s all about discovery as you dive into questionnaires, your brand guidelines, marketing materials and other elements. This is to ensure the experts at RightMarket can tailor your discovery session to your needs in a way that respects the demands on your time. 

Then it’s all about your team, identifying the key stakeholders, reviewing the agenda, setting the stage for a productive conversation about your brand’s needs and aspirations. 

Stage 2: Conducting the discovery session

The discovery session is where the magic happens, where RightMarket experts explore your brand’s identity, values, and design processes in depth to uncover the ‘Aha’ moments. You’ll be analysing the volume of total marketing output, the design process, and other elements which impact design costs. Be prepared to talk about the intricacies of your brand, identify inefficiencies, and set clear, actionable goals.  

Stage 3: SMART template potential exploration

With an in-depth understanding of your brand, design processes and marketing material the RightMarket team evaluate how SMART templates can meet your unique needs. You’ll discover creative solutions for your design process and gain an understanding of how SMART templates can streamline operations, enhance brand consistency, and empower your non designer, marketing material producing stakeholders. 

Stage 4: Solution presentation and feedback

RightMarket’s team of experts will present and demonstrate a bespoke solution which is tailored to your brand’s challenges. Offering you feedback and insights without any pressure to commit.  

After the demonstration the floor is opened up for your feedback in the rare instance that the solution would need to be adjusted. It’s important that this process is accurate to be able to inform you if you’re ready for a brand management platform and forecast your ROI.  

Stage 5: Follow-up and proposal

The RightMarket experts will provide you with a customised proposal that outlines potential cost and time savings, with a clear strategy for implementation. Many people have used this as a business case to pitch to budget holders and upper management for sign-off to on-board a brand management platform. 

The transformative benefits of Project Discovery

To illustrate the many benefits of Project Discovery let’s examine the Project Discovery session of one of our long-term customers, Mencap; 

  1. Tailored insights: Bespoke analysis of their design process, pinpointed areas for improvement. They discovered that the Marketing team was losing 42 days per month working through low-level, ad hoc requests.
  2. ROI clarity: They understood the tangible benefits and savings a brand management platform could offer their organisation, freeing them up to work on bigger projects. All backed by data-driven insights. 
  3. Customised success plan: They received a personalised roadmap to revolutionise their brand management, ensuring that the brand remained dynamic and accessible. Within months they empowered over 400 volunteers and saved the design team over 500 days per year so they could deliver even more game-changing work. 

The fact that RightMarket gave us a document with tangible cost benefit analysis that we could then take to senior level was great because we didn't have to then go and put a whole business case forward by ourselves. We could just say, ‘look, this is what we need’.

Sophie Spiteri

Marketing Manager

Maximising ROI with RightMarket: A no-cost evaluation

Project Discovery will uncover if your brand and organisation are ready for a brand management platform. If so it’ll demonstrate how transitioning to our brand management platform can transform your design process, highlighting clear, quantifiable savings in time and cost. 

Your next steps with Project Discovery

After experiencing the insights Project Discovery offers, you’ll be equipped to make an informed decision about implementing RightMarket’s solutions and understand if the product is right for you. With support from our dedicated Customer Success team, transitioning to a more efficient brand management system is seamless, emphasising our commitment to providing you with the knowledge to make the best decision for your brand. 

Your invitation to brand excellence

Project Discovery is your first step towards redefining brand management within your organisation. By offering a detailed analysis of your current processes and the potential benefits of a brand management platform. RightMarket is committed to helping you achieve unparalleled brand consistency, efficiency, and impact. This journey through Project Discovery is not just about identifying areas for improvement; it’s about unlocking the full potential of your brand, ensuring a partnership dedicated to your brand’s success. 

Embrace the opportunity to enhance your brand management with Project Discovery.

Visit us to learn more about this value-driven service and how it can illuminate the path to greater brand efficiency and impact. 

Let’s explore the possibilities together.