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Scope out your brand management quick wins with Project Discovery

Considering a new tool for your organisation isn’t straightforward. You want to spend your time and money on something you know is going to deliver value.

If you don’t, you risk looking bad to the whole business, including your CEO.

There are many questions to ask when implementing any new system or technology. Will it give you the results it promises? Is it the right fit for your needs? Will everyone buy-in to it?

We know these are the barriers people face before coming onboard with RightMarket. That’s why we created Project Discovery. 

It’s our version of a brand audit, allowing you to uncover exactly how your brand fits into our platform and get a diagnosis of your current design processes. Best of all, it’s completely free and will give you everything you need to make a decision and build a business case for implementing your brand management system.

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We use it to highlight what you should expect during the set-up process and what outcomes you’ll receive. It gives you everything you need to decide and justify it to your stakeholders.

Find out more about Project Discovery below.

What happens during Project Discovery?

A Project Discovery is an online meeting between you and a RightMarket specialist. It’s commonly held with the Project Lead (you!) but anyone from your organisation can attend.

Ahead of the session, we’ll ask you to send a list of the design types your organisation creates, such as flyers, posters, social media posts and so on. We’ll also ask for a rough idea of how many design requests you receive a month and any external costs associated. Don’t worry about specific figures – an estimation will be fine!

With this information, we’ll start to scope out your needs more clearly. This helps us do two things:

  1. Understand what precise rewards you will receive from using RightMarket
  2. Define the work we need to do to set up a portal tailored to your brand and users. This will later become the foundations for the project if you choose to proceed

We’ll present the above to you during the meeting, including our calculations for how much time and money you will save using RightMarket. We’ll also put together a bespoke package we believe suits your needs and tell you how much it’ll cost.

We expect it all to take one to two hours to go through. Hopefully we’ll answer all your questions in that time, but if not, feel free to ask us anything we’ve not covered.

What are the benefits of Project Discovery?

Build your business case

The biggest benefit of Project Discovery is that it allows you to find out how much time and money you could save. We don’t throw out general figures. Instead, we share specific insights about how your organisation will benefit.

It means you have everything needed to build an effective business case for your CEO. And the rewards are clear.

When it all pays off, you’ll win favour with your boss and prove how you’ve brought value to the organisation.

After the session, we’ll provide you with a PDF presentation you can share with your organisation. It includes information about how much money and time we’ve predicted you’ll save, as well as everything they need to know about how RightMarket works in an easy-to-digest format.

Diagnose your design flaws

Too many organisations have a system where marketing is relied on for every design request. It’s simply not sustainable and means your marketing team are likely to be overwhelmed.

Project Discovery can allow you to uncover how many design requests your team is actually receiving, how often and in what form. We’ll also help you to find out how that could be reduced with RightMarket.

A perfect project management document

During the session, we’ll create a plan for how we implement RightMarket into your organisation.

This includes:

  • What template types you need
  • Understanding the order of priority (e.g. what templates you’ll need soonest, so we make those first)
  • How long the entire process will take
  • Any extra needs to consider

So, the information discussed in the Project Discovery becomes a project management blueprint. It’ll guide you smoothly through the various stages so you know when to expect the rewards.

Here’s an example:

Table from the Project Discovery doc, giving templates a 1-3 score based on priority

What happens next?

Once we’ve sent our Project Discovery findings, you should have a strong business case for RightMarket.

If you’ve not 100% made up your mind yet, don’t worry. There’s no pressure or obligation once you’ve had a Project Discovery session. We know there are other voices you need to run things past first before anything progresses.

If any other team members want to see RightMarket in action, this is something we can arrange. And if you need anything else from us, we’re on hand to help.

When you’re ready to go ahead, you’re onto the onboarding stage and one step closer to reaping the rewards. Our specialist will be in touch to tell you what happens next. And you’ll always have your Project Discovery document to refer to as the process unfolds.

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