What is brand management?

Blog: What is brand management and how can you do it effectively? If you have a brand, brand management is crucial part of its success. Think about walking through a department store. You are surrounded by different brands, products and sales. Inevitably, your senses are overwhelmed. The first place you go is to the brands […]

How to choose your brand colours

Blog: How to choose your brand colours Think of the most iconic brands you know. You probably think about their colour palette. That’s because it’s the most memorable aspect of a brand. We created an outline that is easy to follow when choosing your colours. Colours have a strong and instant effect on how we […]

How to make a rebranding strategy: how we did it

Blog: Creating a rebranding strategy: how we did it Rebrands take a lot of time and effort, but they are a breeze if you know the strategic process to follow. Read about our own rebrand and how we built our rebranding strategy. What we included in our rebranding strategy Brand guidelines A crucial part of […]