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Why you need more than just a DAM system to truly protect your brand

You probably already use some form of Digital Asset Management (DAM) system. They act as a searchable archive to control, manage and distribute your assets.

DAM grants stakeholders access to the assets they need. However, there are times they must make new content to share with customers and other contacts. The marketing team needs to overcome the significant challenge of keeping them on brand and ensuring assets are used correctly.

This is where your needs extend beyond digital asset management. Brand management is crucial to empowering your team to create exceptional, on-brand content that delivers positive and consistent customer experiences.

Fortunately, RightMarket helps you with exactly that, giving your colleagues the tools to become brand designers.

How is our Online Brand Centre different to DAM?

We help organisations streamline their branded marketing material production. We leave the storing of assets to platforms specifically developed for it. However, we do integrate with DAM systems to provide a seamless link between the creation and storage of assets.

Are you still getting requests for the routine creation of assets?

Many companies face a daily need to produce marketing materials day-to-day. RightMarket simplifies it through a system of branded templates. 

Everyone, anywhere (not just DAM users) can instantly create their own marketing collateral. They don’t need to resort to a designer or submit a brief to the marcomms team

As a result, we eradicate production bottlenecks and delays in turning around everyday requests, giving people time and resources to concentrate on strategically important projects.  

Is it a struggle to keep everyone on brand?

Our templates are aligned to your requirements and brand guidelines. Once they’re in place, you can be confident everything that gets produced stays on brand, all the time, every time. Our Tone of Voice Assistant will also keep all the content on message   

How does our Online Brand Centre integrate with DAM?

Users need to upload images, brand icons or partner logos onto templates to create effective designs. RightMarket fully integrates with your DAM system, so people only see and therefore use your approved assets. 

The files’ permissions and rights are carried through to RightMarket. When your DAM updates, what users access in their Online Brand Centre will update too. 

Does your DAM system already offer an extra plug-in that creates templates?

If you wonder how RightMarket measures up against these kind of extensions, we’ve done the hard work for you. Below, we list the ways it differs from DAM – and how it works in conjunction for effortless brand management.

How are RightMarket and a DAM system different?

DAM vs RightMarket

How do RightMarket and DAM complement each other ?

RightMarket vs DAM

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