Sneak peak of a leaflet for Stroke Association created in RightMarket

10 brand templates organisations like yours are using in RightMarket

In any organisation, marketing materials are needed daily. The materials you need will likely vary in format, especially if you’ve got many people creating them.

No matter what form your assets come in, they need to represent your brand well. Consistent branding creates consistent customer experiences. This boosts recognition, promotes trust and strengthens your brand reputation.

We’re big advocates of being on-brand here at RightMarket. That’s why our platform makes it super easy for anyone to create the marketing materials they need to thrive.

There are no limits to the templates you can access in RightMarket. But, for the sake of inspiration, we’ve listed the ten most popular created for and used by our customers.

  1. Social media post
  2. Poster
  3. Leaflet
  4. Business card
  5. Letterhead
  6. Newsletter
  7. Certificate
  8. Banner
  9. Postcard
  10. Invite

It’s worth noting that our design team builds every template for you. Our Project Discovery process uncovers your organisation’s diverse needs. We work with you to determine the templates you need and prioritise them based on those that will make the most significant impact.

Every single template we build embodies your brand guidelines for ultimate consistency. Better yet, they’re simple and quick to edit, so there are no barriers.

1. Social media post

In today’s world, your brand needs to be on social media. It’s no surprise, then, that social media templates are our most popular.

A social media post created in RightMarket for Alzheimer's Research UK

Our templates ensure everything you need to share in your posts is included: logos, web address and anything else. Then, we’ll give your users space to personalise their design, like choosing images and adding text.

Our templates are responsive. So, just select the channel it’s for and the size will automatically update (while keeping everything looking good). Plus, when users are finished, they can post it directly to your social media channels from RightMarket. Easy peasy!

2. Poster

Posters are used for a wide variety of reasons: publicising events, raising awareness or displaying opening times. Many of our customers have numerous poster layouts to suit their different needs and campaigns.

A cake sale poster created for Mencap in RightMarket

RightMarket’s functionality makes it easy to design a brand poster. As people add more copy, the text will resize to fit (but always remaining readable). Then, people can select a pre-approved image (or upload their own) to include. All brand elements are locked down.

Our poster templates can also contain layout or colour variations to give users even more freedom.

3. Leaflet

Leaflets can often be tricky to design, given the number of pages included. But RightMarket simplifies it.

Leaflet created in RightMarket for Stroke Association

Our templates allow people to edit each page, whilst staying on-brand. They edit the bits they need to. The things that must be included – like logos, key messages and contact information – are controlled.

4. Business card

Business cards allow people within an organisation to network. They’re a tool used to develop relationships and leave a favourable impression with customers and partners.

The people with business cards represent your brand. So, it’s only right the cards themselves do too. That’s where a RightMarket template helps.

Our business card templates are easy to edit. Users simply need to add in their name, role and contact details.

5. Letterhead

Every communication you send into the world should be consistent. On-brand letterheads are an easy way to ensure this.

Our letterhead templates can either be blank for you edit in Word or by hand, or copy can be added directly in RightMarket.

A Caremark letterhead, built in RightMarket

If you have multiple locations, users can select their branch. The contact details will automatically update. It means your recipient knows who the letter is from, and how to get in touch if they need to.

6. Simple newsletter

Newsletters are a common way to reach out to your target audience, share stories and put a spotlight on your brand. But for those without experience, they can be hard to craft.

RightMarket’s newsletter campaigns make it simple to create newsletter, tailored to what the user wants to say. They give them allocated spaces to add text and images, covering all the relevant stories you want to share. They can also be as many pages as needed.

And thanks to our Tone of Voice Assistant, you don’t need to worry about what content people put into their newsletters. We’ll flag any off-brand terms and recommend alternatives for better customer experiences.

7. Certificate

Certificates are a fantastic way to reward employees, customers or volunteers.

A Citizen's Advice certificate created in RightMarket

Our certificate templates make it easy to create an on-brand certificate. You only need to make small edits – like adding the type of achievement and the recipient’s name.

Banners are often used to showcase your brand in different locations. So, it’s only right that they honour your guidelines and drive the right impression.

RightMarket allows anyone to access high-quality banner designs.

A Woodland Trust pull-up banner created in RightMarket

We can build templates for the different banner types you need – from traditional to pull-up. Our printer workflows also allow you to send them directly to your chosen printer for a faster, streamlined process.

9. Postcard

Postcards are another way brands reach out to customers and staff. They can be used for recruitment, to say thank you or simply touch base.

A Caremark postcard, created in RightMarket

Regardless of what your postcard says, RightMarket keeps it on-brand. Users can add images and messages that connect with your customers. They’ll also be instantly recognisable to anyone who receives it.

10. Invite

Throwing an event? You’ll need an invite. And that invite needs to clearly be from your brand.

With RightMarket, every invitation is automatically aligned to your brand. You just need to add an event name, time, date and location.

An example invite, created in RightMarket

Then you’re good to go, ready for a roaring success of an event.

What else can you achieve in RightMarket?

A great question! While the above are some of our most popular templates, it’s not a finite list. The possibilities are endless. We’ve built a diverse spectrum of template types in our time, and we’re always keen to work with customers to create the right templates to fit their needs.

Whatever templates you do choose to make, we’ll make sure they align to your brand guidelines for ultimate protection. We’ll also make sure they’re easy for your users to personalise. Our tone of voice guidance will take care of the words they use too for materials that look and sound great.

And, best of all, we’ll set up every template for you. No legwork required.

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